Hello you found my blog-great stuff, welcome to Playgrounds in London (PIL) my blog all about our family trips to different playgrounds in London and my review of them.

I have decided it will be fun to locate and visit a minimum of 100 playgrounds this year (2018), compile a list and write a review with photos of each one while documenting the whole process.

The reviews and list will include playgrounds we have either visited, would like to visit, or that have been recommended to us.

We hope these reviews and lists of playgrounds in London will provide helpful feedback for others.

Each playground review will include the playground name, address, website (if any), age range, google map link, our rating and photos. Every review will also include information on the ground
cover, if there are any shaded areas along with accessibility issues if any.

When reviewing the playground there are five different questions I will be asking:
1) How clean is the playground and surrounding area?
2) How good is the equipment on offer? (is there a variety and is it in full working order)
3) Are there any toilet facilities? (on site on within walking distance)
4) Are there any Health and Safety issues in the playground?
5) How are the facilities to sit and have a snack/bite to eat?

Score system

Each question is worth a maximum of five points the scoring system is as follows:
5 points – Excellent
4 points – Very Good
3 points – Average
2 points – Poor
1 point – Terrible
0 points – Non existent

I do hope you’ll find this blog helpful and I would love to hear from you, please take a moment to rate the playgrounds you are familiar with, share a comment or two about your thoughts on the
playgrounds on reviewed.

If there are any other playgrounds you would like me to check out please get in touch today.

Thanks for stopping by
Nikki x

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