Highgate Woods Playground

The playground is set in Highgate woods, it is a large  playground with a load of different equipment.

Xavier ran to the zip wire, Xavier loves a zip wire and was in his element today as he could do it all by himself for ages, as there wasn’t many children.

This playground has have many climbing apparatus, wooden metal and ropes.

       They have a small sandpit.

They have a short plastic tunnel slide, Xavier did like it but commented that it wasn’t a fast slide.

Xavier loved riding in the Jeep with his new friends and the farm tractor.

The swings are in a Shady area which was nice.

There was something to do in a different area of the playground and even had a map with a suggested path.

It was very clean and  hardly any rubbish dotted around.

The toilets are located next to the playground we never needed to go while when was there.

We spent a lovely two hours in this playground the sun was shining  and we had fun. 

We would return to this playground.

Xavier’s review

“I really love this playground mummy!”.

Under 5’s area consisted of swings toddler and baby,  a climbing frame with a slide and a sandpit.

Xavier said he was too big to be in this area,  had to remind him he was under 5 and the equipment was suitable for him.

It was a clean area it had picnic tables and benches.

Toilets located next door.

Xavier review

“not enough things to do mummy!”

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