London Fields Playground 1

London Fields is one of Hackney’s most popular parks. It’s classified as common land due to its history as a site for grazing animals and moving them to market at Smithfield. The park’s large grassy spaces are surrounded by London Plane trees. The park holds a Green Flag award – an award given annually to the best green spaces in the country.

Park Address: London Fields Westside, London E8 3EU

Playground Review

Cleanliness 3 / 5
equipment 3 / 5
health and safety 4 / 5
picnic area 5 / 5
toilets 3 / 5

The main London fields playground is bright and airy, it has 2 climbing apparatus both with slides, baby and older children swings,  a Spider-Man rope climbing frame with a high slide for older children, the younger children do run up the slide to get to the top as they cannot climb the netting, which seems acceptable here.    The wooden walkway was a favorite of Xavier’s, he loved walking along it, then running and hiding in the yellow play tunnel. They have wooden balancing beams but if it has been raining the flooring becomes really slippery (as Xavi found out). Also be aware that as this playground is 24 hours (adults use the area for adult things and sometimes leave unwanted items) look out for bits of broken glass, cigarette butts and drug paraphernalia.

The wooden slide seemed popular during our visit but not as popular as the yellow gates. The younger children seem to be obsessed with them and took turns to be Gatekeepers.

The playground has two children picnic tables which is nice to join or be joined by other little ones and their parent/career to have a bite to eat. There are also 2 big picnic tables located in and out of the playground.

Toilets are about 2 minutes away, straight down the path, but as children cant seem to hold it or don’t like the toilets (I wouldn’t use them) many of the trees in the playground are used.

The playground can get very busy at weekends, with term time being the quietist time to use with normally only Under Fives present.

We would definitely return to this playground we both had a lovely couple of hours here.

Xavier’s Review

He had a really good day and said that the playground was “good”.


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