Spa Fields

Spa Fields is a popular, vibrant park next to Exmouth Market. There are lots of things to do, including playing sports and enjoying the extensive play area.

Address: Skinner Street, London EC1R 0HY

Playground Review

Cleanliness 3 / 5
equipment 3 / 5
health and safety 2 / 5
picnic area 2 / 5
toilets 0 / 5

This playground seemed interesting on arrival but soon this turned to even more confusion. The playground seems a walkthrough for everyone including dog owners without leads? There are notices saying this is a dog free area but still people walking downs seems acceptable, because of this I will not be returning. The playground smelt of urine every now and then, was a hot day when we visited and children was toileting in the bushes so this might of been the reason and also dogs could do there business anywhere?

The equipment includes a large slide with a climb rope, water play feature, one baby swing, a couple of big swings, a springing bouncy thing and many hills to slide down and a tunnel to hide in.

Xavier’s Review

“I liked this playground but not many slides and things to climb.”




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